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Sightunseen Giorgio De Chirico.jpg


Inspired by the work of Giorgio De Chirico, “Torino a Primavera” and “Il Mistero dell’Ortopedico”.

Featuring Monument Candle Holder by Oh Hey Grace, Beeswax Candles by Carl Durkow, and Tubo Bookend by Bi- Rite Studios.

Client: Sightunseen

Sightunseen Emilie Preyer.jpg


Inspired by the work of Emilie Preyer, “Still Life with Fruit”. 

Featuring Calici Milanesi Cocktail Glass by Augustina Bottoni, Royere Vase by Sarah Ellison Studio, Platform Planter by Tortuga Living and Kofuku Donabe by Toiro Kitchen.

Client: Sightunseen

Sightunseen Giorgio Morandi.jpg


Inspired by the work of Giorgio Morandi, “Metaphysical Still Life”.

Featuring Bon Bon Mega by Helle Mardahl, Valentine Vassel by Simone Bodmer Turner, Half Diamond by BZIPPY and Light Song Exchange Lamp by Bennet Schleisinger.

Client: Sightunseen

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